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Customized Loyalty Program

If 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers, doesn't it make sense to reward those Loyal Customers?

No Apps (that are not used), No Cards (that are lost), No cumbersome signup procedures for the business or the customer.  We customize a program specific to your business that is simple and easy for customers to join and enjoy.

Reach your customers at the right time and drive them back in when YOU want them. You have the ability to blast your entire customer base with special offers, or to help boost sales on days that are traditionally slow. We work with you one-on-one to design and schedule delivery of promotions for the upcoming month and review the reports on the previous month's marketing results.

The Power to reach your customers in real-time directly on their phone!

Text Message Marketing

Our exclusive inactive Customer Feature is specifically designed to re-engage a customer on a personal level. Our system automatically sends an individual message to just those customers who haven't been in for a specified time of your choice. This feature is an automated offer/reminder to drive them back to your business. This feature can also be used to engage your customers immediately after a visit with a survey, "bounce back" coupon, or requesting an online review.

Target Customers who haven't been in for a specified time of your choice!

Automated Engagement

Learn who your customers are, how they're engaging with your business and what brings them back in!

We analyze your program and past campaign results to provide Real-time reports to provide instant feedback on the success of your marketing efforts and provide guidance to improve them in the future. You will receive weekly & monthly analytic reports to leverage customer data and gain insight specific to your business trends.

Measure Your Results


Amplify with perQify!

This short video only scratches the surface on what we provide our Great Local Clients.

Through our unique combination of a Customized Digital Rewards Program and Text Message Marketing all powered by a simple tablet kiosk - we can reward your best customers, increase your online reviews, target fading or infrequent customers with tailored offers and build long term relationships that keep customers coming back!

Even if a Loyalty Program isn't the right fit for your business, we have a solution that is!


(All of the above solutions are included in YOUR Full Loyalty & Mobile Marketing Program or can be arranged separately)

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